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Hey there 👋, Geeks - Thanks for checking out this page. You may read more if you are here for a while.

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This blog(GeekPython) just started a few months ago in 2022. GeekPython is mainly for tutorials and articles based on the Python programming language. It is an initiative to share content that helps developers of any rank.

GeekPython emerged out of curiosity about writing tech articles. I always wanted to have a place where I can share my projects and knowledge in the form of writing. The day I started writing articles, it was overwhelming and takes so much concentration but as time passed by it became fun, and the thought of helping beginners and folks who just started programming keeps motivating me to go on in any situation.

As an Individual

Hi, I am Sachin Pal, GeekPython is managed by me. I have a strong interest in writing Python code and am very obsessed with Machine Learning. It's been one and a half years since I started coding in Python.

I was clueless before starting this blog, I spent all my time coding in Python and learning new technologies. I was fascinated by Machine Learning hence, I wanted to enhance my skill in that part. But I don't even know what to do with all this so I wanted to learn, share and grow my knowledge more with the community together. So, I started blogging.

Made it up to here

If my projects or written tutorial helps you in any way then consider sponsoring or you can buy me a book because I love reading😊. You can connect with GeekPython on Twitter and Instagram.

Additionally, you can connect with me personally on Twitter, Instagram, and Medium.

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